The University of Georgia’s Terry School of Business just released six key projections for “National Housing” in 2015. 

  1. Mortgage rates will remain a bargain but will rise by about .5% during the course of 2015.
  2. Home values will appreciate around 4% over the course of the year.
  3. New construction home starts will increase by about 30% to a little less than one million units.
  4. Job and income growth will give consumers greater confidence to buy homes.  It will also be the key to unlocking pent-up demand for housing built up by many young adults who opted to stay home a bit longer. 
  5. Credit conditions will ease in most markets but credit will remain tight for riskier loans.
  6. Three adverse conditions will continue to create a drag on housing: 
  • Many households are “upside down” owing more than a home is worth and unable to upgrade or downsize.
  • Record breaking student loan debt is preventing many young adults from being able to move out on their own.
  • Low appraisal values from certain lenders continue to stymie conventional lending.

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