Have you ever wondered how many homes would fit on a football field?  When discussing lot size, most people reference acreage with an acre being 43,560 square feet.  According to the Census Bureau’s Characteristics of  New Single Family Homes Sold, the average lot size in 2013 was 8,687 square feet which is exactly 1/5 of an acre.  Over the years average lot sizes have ranged from 8,687 square feet to 10,000 square feet with lot sizes shrinking over the years. 

A football field from goal line to goal line is about 1.1 acres.  With the average lot size being 1/5 of an acre, you could place five single family detached homes along the field with room for exactly 1/2 of another lot. 

By definition, the single family detached homes excludes custom homes and attached homes.  The average size lot for a custom home was exactly one acre from 1999-2012.  In 2013, it dropped 10 percent to 39,204 square feet.  The average size lot for an attached home is 2,984 square feet. 

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