Support Senate Bill 170, The Helping Responsible Homeowners Act

While I believe we are in the midst of the early stages of the housing market recovering, there is still a long way to go to return to true stability. One of the simplest things our representatives in Washington can do is vote in favor of Senate Bill 170, The Helping Responsible Homeowners Act sponsored by Senators Barbara Boxer and Johnny Isakson.

The bill would remove refinancing limits on underwater properties for borrowers that have been paying on time. If anyone has continued to carry the burden of the mess created by Wall Street, Fannie Mae, and the legislatures that enabled them, it’s the responsible homeowners that did not over-leverage their homes nor walk away from their obligations. Not only are these responsible homeowners meeting their personal obligations, but they also are paying their share of the government bailout for those who profited or walked away from the housing mess.

Please take time to write your Senator and Congressmen and tell them to vote in favor of this legislation.

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