Staying Warm During the Polar Vortex

A record breaking stormed dubbed the Polar Vortex is bringing some of the coldest weather in two decades across the country.  Metro Atlanta is experiencing the coldest morning in 18 years with a record low of 6 degrees.  Here are some tips from the Greater Atlanta Home Builders Association to stay warm while temperatures remain below freezing. 

  • Avoid unnecessary opening of doors including garage doors
  • Conserve heat by closing off unneeded rooms
  • Open your bathroom and kitchen cabinets to expose the pipes to heat and let your faucets drip
  • For gas furnaces, adjust thermostat as low as 55-60 degrees when you are away from home.  For electric heat pumps, follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for setting the thermostat back.

We are likely to see more cold weather, so you have time to prepare your home for the next arctic blast. 

  • Remove water hoses and shut off outside water faucets.  Drain remaining water and leave faucet in the “on” position
  • Have your chimney inspected and flue cleaned
  • Insulate any water lines along exterior walls
  • Add weather stripping and insulate doors and windows

It is always good to have an alternate way to heat your home in case the power goes out including a fireplace or kerosene heater.  Here are some of our favorite fireplaces that we have built over the past year. 

27 Spring Street
Humility Lane



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