Spring Home Maintenance Checklist

Spring is definitely in the air this week!  With the changing seasons, it’s time to perform quarterly home maintenance to prepare your home for the warmer months ahead.  Here is a quick checklist from the Greater Atlanta Home Builders Association to get started.


  • Close chimney damper, if applicable
  • Check and repair weatherstripping on exterior doors
  • Check window locks and weatherstripping
  • Adjust HVAC registers for cooling
  • Clean dryer vent to remove any lint or obstruction
  • Turn on your air conditioning system for a trial run/and replace or clean filters
  • Check and repair interior caulking as needed
  • Check condensate pump reservoir for dirt and algae


  • Check and repair exterior caulking as needed
  • Clean and remove debris from gutters
  • Check foundation drains on basements for blockage/debris
  • Maintain the original grade of your home by using fill dirt in areas that have settled around the foundation.  Water should flow away from the foundation
  • Seal deck with preservative if necessary
  • Reseed your lawn
  • Apply mulch around trees, shrubs and flowerbeds
  • Apply fertilizer to new grass growth
  • Clean septic tanks as ncecessary
  • Check with local municipalities for approved irrigation times
  • Inspect roof for loose, warped, torn or missing shingles, unsealed vents or stacks
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