Photo Shoots and Shoots and Shoots!

Our recently completed and now under contract Frank Lloyd Wright inspired modern-prairie home was selected by Bloomingdales for a photo shoot for their upcoming catalog.  After a long day under the threat of rain,  the crew was able to get the photography work completed this week.  The home’s unique design and setting were a major draw for them in selecting the property.  The site scout liked the property so much she wants to do a follow-up shoot in late March for a different line.

We have had inquiries from a variety of movie and advertising companies wanting to use the home.  These have included Drexel Heritage furniture for a catalog, Verizon Wireless for a TV commercial, Ford Motor Company for the site of a Realty TV Show based on the Ford Escape and one of the local movie studios for a Clint Eastwood movie.  Since the house is already under contract for sale we were not able to work out all the details on several of these opportunities that would have required using the home for an extended period of time.  If the circumstances were different, it would have been great to see one of our projects get national exposure. If you shop at Bloomingdales by catalog, see if you spot it this summer.

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