Krog Street Market Announces New Tenants


The planned Krog Street Market (KSM) announced seven new tenants last week.  The nine acre mixed use development is located at the intersection of Krog Street and Irwin Street in Inman Park.  The market will have approximately 12,000 square feet of retail space and will also feature a 300 unit apartment building.  KSM’s previous owner was Atlanta Stove Works, a fabricator of potbellied stoves and cast iron skillets that operated on the KSM property for more than 100 years.  

The new tenants include:

Chefs Ford Frey & Kevin Maxey
Mex-Tex inspired restaurant with a casual and lively atmosphere influenced by Fry’s Texan roots

The Luminary by Chef Eli Kirshtein
Regional and updated bistro fare with outdoor dining

The Spotted Trotter by Chef Kevin Outz
Full American Butchery, Charcuterie & Cheese Shop

Grand Champion BBQ
Award winning barbeque experience by Robert Owens & Gregory Vivier

French Market Florist
Full Service Flower and Garden Shop by John Tarrant

Pannus Bakery
International bakery specializing in Hispanic and European pastries, baked goods and gourmet products

The Collective
Home & Garden, Local Arts and Gifts by Greg Ansley

Krog Street Market is scheduled to open later this year.  

Epic Development is currently planning a townhome project at the corner of Irwin Street and Auburn Avenue – walking distance to Krog Street Market.   View all the details of our current listings here. For more information about this upcoming development, contact Scott Eaves at (404) 518-3820 or For more information about commercial real estate operations or investment visit

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