Fall Home Maintenance Checklist

Fall is definitely in the air this week!  With the changing seasons, it’s time to perform quarterly home maintenance to prepare your home for the cooler months ahead.  Here is a quick checklist from the Greater Atlanta Home Builders Association to get started. 


  • Turn on your furnace for a trial run and replace or clean filters
  • Check and repair interior caulking as needed – sinks, tubs, showers, thresholds, walls, trim, etc.
  • Adjust registers for heating
  • Inspect fireplace
  • Open chimney damper before first fire to inspect
  • Clean and wax wood cabinets
  • Clean and seal stone countertops and floors


  • Clean and remove debris from gutters
  • Check and repair or replace weatherstripping on exterior doors
  • Check alignment of gutters, downspouts, and splash blocks to ensure that water is properly diverted away from the home
  • Rake leaves from your lawn to ensure sunlight and air circulation for grass
  • Perform lawn maintenance for your type of lawn
  • Check and repair caulking as needed
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