Epic Development Tours Ponce City Market

Last night, the Epic Development Team went on a hard hat tour of the Ponce City Market.  The former Sears, Roebuck & Company building at the corner of Ponce de Leon, Glen Iris and North Avenue is being revitalized into a vibrant urban centerpiece that combines unique retail, dining, office and residential spaces.  The property also resides on the Beltline East Side Trail and will be a hub for the neighboring communities.   

Sears, Roebuck & Company built the building in 1925 for a retail store and warehouse distribution center.   They used trains from the Southern Railway to move merchandise to and from the distribution center.  As the building morphed into other uses, the train trestles were covered up.  The current developers are going to remove the layers of flooring and expose the train trestles which will become a centerpiece of the restaurant space. In the early 1900’s, there was an amusement park across the street which became one of the most popular destinations in the city.  The developers want to bring back this element and convert the rooftop into an entertainment area.  Current plans include a mini golf course, rooftop bar and possibly some type of Coney Island attraction.  

The main level of the building facing Ponce de Leon Avenue will become a shopping market similiar to the Chelsea Market in New York City.   Although no specific retailers were named,  the market will feature vendors selling meats, wines, spices, flowers. etc.   With its proximity to the Beltline, the Ponce City Market has big plans for cyclists including a bicycle valet, showers and dressing areas for cyclists and of course a bicycle shop.  

The tour was very informative, and we are very excited about the grand opening in Spring 2014.  Epic Development is building in the Old Fourth Ward and neighborhoods on the Beltline. View all the details of our current listings here.  For more information about homeownership or real estate investment in Atlanta call Jim LaVallee at 404-847-9080 or write Jim@EpicDevelopment.com. For more information about commercial real estate operations or investment visit EpiCity.com.




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