Dupli Casa Located in Marbach, Germany

By Rick Bennett

I am always searching for inspiration when I design and build homes here in Atlanta. While Atlanta is a market with deep roots in traditional architecture, I discipline myself to occasionally allow my mind to consider the possibilities of “what could be”—and not be confined by “what is”.

My creative energy gets replenished when I find a home designed without any constraints. I recently came across Dupli Casa located in Marbach Germany, which is just that. While Atlanta may not be ready for this style yet, I always welcome the opportunity to build a custom design for a client. This home reinforces the principle, which is our inspiration, that a home can be a work of art and not just a place of shelter.

The art found in Dupli Casa is bold while also having simple, flowing lines. The contradictions draw one to study it. Every structure has an artistic component, and we like to think of each of our new projects as a blank canvas. While we know we must satisfy the minimum requirements for shelter and function, we strive to enhance the work with artistic qualities wherever we can by emphasizing design, creative use of materials and attention to quality during construction.

Take a look at the pictures of Dupli Casa and think of the possibilities when buying or building your next piece of art. Call Epic Development if you want something a little, or maybe even a lot, different.

Reference: http://www.thecoolhunter.net/architecture/Dupli-Casa-Remembers-its-Past/

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