Beechwood Transformation Is Complete

One of our current projects in Buckhead is the total renovation of an 1970’s home built in Buckhead.  The home was designed by our partner, Rick Bennett, and is a Frank Llyod Wright inspired Prairie Modern.  It has received finishing touches in the past two weeks.

Recently, we stopped to take the picture you see below. Also included is a picture from the same perspective taken the first week of construction.

The transformation has been dramatic and, while it looks about finished, Rick says there are a few more finishing touches he will add including lighting the twenty five foot tall waterfall along the creek, adding fire accented planter boxes on the decks, and installing final metal and stone work. We’ll be sure to take final photographs and post them here when all work is done but the home is for sale. If you’d like to see it now, give Jim LaVallee a call at 404-847-9080.

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