Beautiful Home Design for Occupants With Special Needs

Epic Development is pouring the slab on its first home designed specifically in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act.  The home was not originally meant to accommodate occupants with special needs. In the first week of marketing we had several buyers that made offers.  One of the buyers needs an ADA compliant home with wider hallways, bathrooms and other adaptations to accommodate wheel chair access.  These buyers already lived in the neighborhood and the school district was important. So, we talked it over with the other interested parties and everyone agreed to let the original house be built with the special features and for Epic Development to help the others find alternative lots where we can build them their own unique home.

In the meantime, our entire company is excited about helping these different families make special homes tailored to their own needs. Rick Bennett noted how much he has become engaged personally in the project stating, “I want to take it on to learn the nuances of designing for buyers with special needs.  I like the challenge of new projects and the chance to expand my knowledge.”

We’re enjoying working with our clients, who had plenty of their own research, and our architect to make the necessary changes and construction is moving forward. Framing should start in the next few days.

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